I am not actively maintaining this website any more, for ongoing information about exercise physiology and lifestyle, visit youngernextyear.com -Doctor Lodge

First installment of Doctor Lodge’s series on Health & Fitness hosted by the St. Lukes Hospital and Foundation in Sun Valley, Idaho. In this first video Doctor Lodge provides the introduction and framework for the talk.

Health & Fitness Series

Doctor Lodge takes us through some key insights for planning the fitness program that is right for you and age planning for well into your 80′s & 90′s!

Fitness Programs & Age Planning

What is the proper amount of recovery time from a workout? Doctor Lodge lays out some great guidelines to make sure you’re giving yourself the right amount of rest, balanced with your most intense fitness programs.

Proper Workout Recovery Time

Is there good science to support the various diet & detox programs available?

The Science of Diet & Detox

Doctor Lodge explains how to properly plan a workout regiment for a given week and gives some additional insight into heart rate targets.

Workout Planning & Heart Rate Targets

PBS Special – Younger Next Year

You may also purchase the DVDs for this special here. All sales count towards a pledge gift for PBS.

PBS Special – YNY

Heart Rate Training

Doctor Lodge delves into strategies and practices for proper heart rate training.

Heart Rate Training

Dangers of Heat Exhaustion

The dangers of heat explained by Doctor Lodge.

Heat Exhaustion

Screaming Yellow Shirts

Yellow isn’t just for Lance Armstrong, see Doctor Lodge’s insightful notes on cycling safety.

Screaming Yellow Shirts